Adult Acne – Understanding the Causes of Adult Acne

Acne always related with teenager. People think that they won’t get acne when they come to adulthood. However, many people get acne for the first time as adults or develop acne after years of being relatively pimple free. Even sometimes, teenage acne can continue unabated from teen years into adulthood. This condition is termed as adult acne.

Adult acne is when acne occurs in people twenty years of age and above. There are many reasons why acne breaks out. One of the main causes is as a reaction to stress medication.

Most people believe stress can causes adult acne break out, especially those who are under high-stress levels. However, the reaction is usually to the medication that they are placed on rather than to the stress itself. Until now, dermatologist still can not identify what the reason medication cause acne reactions. They usually prescribe additional medication to cure the acne.

For adult women, they always get adult acne when they stop taking oral contraceptives. The hormones in their body will change once they stop using pill. Research shows that hormones strongly affect the way that the skin looks and behaves. The clogged pores that cause acne to appear are affected by what is happening in the body hormonally.

The ovaries produce both estrogen and androgen, where concentration of these two hormones is balance. There is a relation between hormones and the condition of the skin. Adult acne will appear if one of these hormones is out of balance. This causes acne appear and re-appear during woman’s menstrual cycle.

In addition to a woman’s own hormones, adult acne may be related to the ingestion of external hormones and drugs that have androgenic effects such as those contained in certain oral contraceptive medications, food products and performance enhancing drugs.

There are many effective over-the-counter drugs and treatments for adult acne. However, before you taking any of those treatments, you should know about them and get advice from dermatologist or health care provider.

Causes of Adult Acne – 8 Ways to Give Yourself Adult Acne, and Several Ways to Get Rid of It

When you’re an adult suffering from acne, you probably wonder what about your lifestyle you could change to get rid of the pesky red bumps. After all, you’re not in puberty anymore, so why are you still plagued with acne? Regardless of your age, you can still be prone to acne breakouts, especially if you suffered from acne as a child. But once you understand the causes of adult acne, you can better understand how to go about conquering the red plague of zits.

Some causes of adult acne are as follows:

1. Stress
2. Caffeine
3. Hormonal activity within your body
4. Irritating clothing, such as wool, hats, acrylic, nylon, etc.
5. Hormone injections, such as the ones found in grocery store milk and meat
6. Excess oil
7. Excess washing or scrubbing
8. Not keeping hands away from face

These are just some of the causes of adult acne that might be plagueing your skin. But in reality, there could be dozens of reasons. But regardless of the cause, there is definitely hope for eliminating acne and clearing up your face.

First of all, start by choosing a cleansing kit. The one I use for my adult acne is Proactiv; it really does work for both teens and adults.

Another method to get rid of acne is to boost the amount of water you drink and decrease the amount of caffeine intake. How many cups of coffee do you drink in the morning? Chances are, if you’re drinking caffeinated coffee, this could be triggering your acne.

Stress is a big factor in adult acne. However, it’s not easy to eliminate stress, even though this is what doctors suggest we do.

If you’re going through a pregnancy or other hormonal changes in your life, it’s going to be more difficult to take care of your acne. If this is the case, it’s possible you might want to look into an acne diet. No matter what the causes of adult acne are for you, an acne diet will usually help you clear up those unwanted pests.